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Qualified Jewellery Professional

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Explore the world of diamonds and gemstones when you enrol in our Qualified Jewellery Professional course, a theory programme in partnership with HRD Antwerp – Europe’s leading authority when it comes to diamond grading, education and equipment.

Designed for those new to the jewellery industry, our comprehensive online course will provide you the opportunity to learn from expert instructors and skilled industry professionals who are passionate about helping you reach your full potential.

Offered in English, register today to advance your skills and kick start your career in the jewellery industry.

What you will learn:

• Diamonds, gemstones and jewellery fundamentals
• Learn about the materials utilised in jewellery design and manufacturing
• Identify estate, antique, custom made and period jewellery
• Understand diamond simulants and synthetics
• Market awareness and sources of coloured stones and much more…


Jewellery Design Fundamentals

Explore and learn the fundamentals of design development, metalsmithing and 3D design during our jewellery design course. This 6-month diploma encourages students to continuously develop their design and making practice, adding levels of refinement, sophistication and precision as they progress. Upon successful completion, students will receive a BTEC International Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Art + Design, leading to a graduate entry employment or to continue into specialisations.

Students moving specialised courses (coming soon), will intensively develop their creative skills in their desired specialisation.

What you will learn:

• Fundamentals of design development, metalsmithing and 3D design
• Jewellery hand illustrations using watercolours
• Developing their knowledge in metallurgy
• Learning about the industry’s production guidelines and much more!

Note: Students are recommended to enrol in our Qualified Jewellery Professional course prior to registering for our BTEC accredited course.


An ideal workshop for beginners, register to learn the basics of jewellery sketching, perspective drawing and professional rendering.

Get practical training on how to work with various tools and materials, as well as get expert tips on how to channel your inspirations into designs on paper.

What you will learn:

  • Basic hand illustration
  • Importance of mark-making
  • How to render precious metals and stones
  • Illustrating your own diamond ring

Note: This is a 3-day workshop and all beginner level students are recommended to complete this workshop before registering for any of the advance level courses.


Looking to further enhance your jewellery hand illustration skills? Join our 10-day masterclass where you get the opportunity to design high-end, modern jewellery designs by learning a variety of techniques.

Join us to explore tools that will help transform your inspirations into hand illustrated designs, as well as develop rendering techniques using a variety of approaches.

What you will learn:

  • How to recognise key characteristics in modern classic jewellery
  • Illustrate motifs developed from inspiration
  • Construct design compositions
  • Rendering techniques that will demonstrate your skills
  • How to create unique high-end designs

Note: This is a 10-day course and we recommend all beginner level students to complete the beginner workshop before enrolling for this course.


Take your skills and career a step further – become a master of Jewellery Design and Illustration with our 15-day advanced level course.

Get the opportunity to develop your own designs independently by utilising your accumulated expertise and knowledge. With the help of this ultimate course develop designs that inspire you, as well as practice and perfect your technique to become a professional certified designer.

What you will learn:

  • Identify different clasps used in jewellery
  • Compare different surface texture techniques
  • Extract motifs based on theme
  • Experiment with different stone settings in their design compositions
  • Analyse and overcoming design obstacles
  • Illustrate and present final designs

Note: We recommend all students to complete our beginner and intermediate level sessions before enrolling for this course.


Develop the technical skills and master the creative process of making jewellery hand illustrations in our latest accredited programme. This 3-month course will encourage students to develop their design practice, enhancing skills such as shadow and colouring, freehand drawing and drafting methods.

Upon successful completion, students will receive a BTEC International Level 3 Certificate in Art + Design (Jewellery Studies in Art + Design).

What you will learn:

  • Fundamentals of design development and hand illustration
  • Jewellery hand illustrations using a variety of different medium
  • Illustrate motifs developed from inspiration
  • Construct design compositions
  • Developing your rendering skills
  • Creating your own jewellery collection and build your professional portfolio

Note: This is an accredited certification and all students are recommended to complete the Jewellery Design and Illustration workshop and masterclasses before enrolling for this programme.


Join workshops with experts and skilled industry professionals

Learn new skills from renowned jewellery designers at Dubai Design Academy. Select from a variety of short-term workshops and get ready to build a successful career in the jewellery industry.

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“I had an amazing learning experience at the Dubai Design Academy. I was very impressed with the teaching style and highly recommend the workshops to others. I hope to register for more in the future.”

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“Offering courses by highly knowledgeable instructors, DDA is stylishly designed with the latest classroom tools and technologies. From beautiful monitors to powerful workstations- the academy provides you secure and easy access to lessons in-person and remotely.”

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